Soultry Poultry Rub

Just the right kick of flavor and heat for your bird.



Product Description

We consider this rub the most complex of the four rubs. You can tell that just by looking at the ingredients label. While looking at the label, notice where salt is placed. It is listed as the number three ingredient behind brown sugar and paprika. Your mouth will go on a journey from Texas to the Middle East and back in one bite.

The start of that journey is courtesy of the brown sugar. Then the paprika and turmeric take over transporting you to the Middle East. You are brought back home courtesy of just a hint of habanero pepper. Don’t be intimidated by the use of Habanero, it’s just a kiss for the “monkey lips”.

This is the only rub where we use paprika and it’s not just any old paprika. We source our paprika from Hungary. It’s more expensive but we have found it’s the only paprika that actually provides a true taste and not just color.


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