Redonkulous BBQ Rub

Slather on ribs and prepare for a redonkulous culinary experience.



Product Description

When you have a name like this, you better be darn good and it is. This is probably our most famous rub because it is the one we get asked to cook all the time. Every time we show up with our smoker, the first question is “are you cooking ribs today.” This rub takes all the intimidation out of cooking ribs and lets you just sit back and relax. The only thing you have to do is keep the temperature at 250.

The leading ingredient in this rub is brown sugar, not salt. Once again staying true to Mr. Mo’ Keys hypersensitive palate to salt. The third ingredient is probably our most unique ingredient within all the rubs and that is Annatto seed. Not familiar with it, don’t worry. The only suggestion we would make is don’t attempt to grind this seed on your own because it will ruin any household appliance.

The great thing about eating ribs with our rub is the exposure your mouth gets. Ribs are messy and we use this to our advantage. You will have the opportunity to get a monkey sized version of our “Monkey Lips” with this rub. The sensation from rub will flow over into the crevasses of your cheeks and the bottom of your nose giving you a full blown epicurean experience.


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