Commander in Beef Rub

You will salute the best beef you’ve ever tasted. This rub is actually the genesis of Grease Monkey Rubs.



Product Description

This rub is actually the genesis of Grease Monkey Rubs. It was at a steak competition in 2011 where the idea was born. We had just finished in first place and one of the judges said “I judge competitions all over Texas and that is one of the best steaks I have ever had.” It was at that point we knew we had something so off to the races we went.

The ingredients are complex and stay true to our “monkey lips” (read the about us). This rub does contain our highest amount of salt of the four rubs but it is important to compare serving sizes to realize we far below the industry standard. We use a serving size of 1 teaspoon and most companies use ¼ teaspoon.

We combine two different peppers, chili and chipotle, in this rub to help balance the heat. As with some rubs, there is not a “whole in the middle” of the taste. It starts great, progresses through the flavor bouquet, and ends with a subtle heat and a great sensation on your lips.


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