What happens when a crew of motor heads gets together to slow cook tender, award winning Fort Worth Texas BBQ? People start askin’ for their recipes. Because we can’t haul our grills all over tarnation, we created Grease Monkey Rubs to bring you that delicious, savory, winning, Texas flavor from the comfort of your own grill.

Welcome to Grease Monkey Rubs and the next evolution of rubs. The simple fact that you have found us tells Mr. Mo’ you too are looking for something different when it comes to your palate. Well, you have found it. The only place on the planet where we encourage you to “Monkey with your meat” and it’s totally legal.

We are a boutique rub purveyor born in the culinary greatness of Fort Worth and where our four core passions are judged on a daily basis. When you think of Texas, you know our palates are founded on a rich tradition of Steaks, BBQ, Fajitas, and Chicken. Okay, maybe not so much for chicken but what state is actually known for chicken? None. Until now, because we have put a stake in the ground for great tasting chicken.

Different is easy to say but harder to make happen. Why are we different? There are two simple differences that separate us from the troop; quality and ingredients. In some cases it is the lack of ingredients within our rubs. You won’t find any MSGs or large quantities of salt in any of our rubs. Sure, salt is cheaper than quality ingredients but it is also not good for monkeys. Besides, our founder Mr. Mo’ Keys is hypersensitive to salt and he hand crafted all four of these rubs with that in mind.

So how does quality factor into our rubs? The two key drivers of quality in our rubs are the actual ingredients themselves and time. For example, in our “Sultry Poultry Rub” we only use Hungarian Paprika. All other paprikas lack taste and primarily serve as a color agent. You will also notice brown sugar on our labels, rather than some super processed white sugar. Time is the unique factor and one of our greatest advantages as a boutique rub purveyor.

The average jar of seasoning on the shelf at your local store was bottled 6 six months before it hit the shelf. This causes degradation of the taste and an immediate lack of freshness. As a result of our size, we are able to work with our bottler and supply just-in-time inventory, allowing us to provide a product that is weeks old, not months. The end result is a fresher product with premium ingredients that taste the way Mr. Mo’ Keys developed it. Also, for any stock that we store, we have an area that is kept at 58 degrees, too cold for monkeys but great for rubs and wine.

Our signature in all four rubs is what we call “monkey lips”. After all, one of monkeys’ most signature attributes is their lovable lips. So what are our “monkey lips?” It’s this incredible sensation you get around the edge of your mouth and lips after each bite. We are able to accomplish this with just the perfect balance of sweetness and spice. It is this balance that is at the core of what we have produced and what we believe has led to our winning success in competitions all over Texas. So go on and “Monkey with your meat!!!”